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Check out some of our different classes for different occasions. These classes are not a full list but we hope it can give you an idea of what we've done in the past. So gather your CHURCH GROUP, Empower your Co-Workers for a WORK EVENT, Sneak in your PRIVATE PARTY, grab some candles for your BIRTHDAY PARTY, borrow something for your BACHELORETTE PARTY, and let's make some awesome run on sentences! Just kidding! LET'S GET CREATIVE AND PAINT!

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Check out all the fun we've had!

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Joanna's Nieces - 03/25/2023

Family get togethers are the BEST! This wild and crazy group showed off their incredible painting skills this weekend. They said they were just a bunch of amateurs, but it turns out they were just professionals all along. Check out their work!

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Shelby's Crew - 03/18/2023

She said, "Yes!" We celebrated, we made memories, and had a blast with Shelby's crew! Thanks for being an awesome group. You ladies rock! Speaking of rocks, check out Shelby's ring! Congrats Shelby!

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